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More than a thousand brushes for all your jewelry needs

Jewelry design for everyone

Everyone can create astonishing looking jewelry with the help of these super easy to use brushes for Sketchbook. Whether you are a professional designer, an amateur designing something for your loved one, or a shop owner seeking to showcase jewelry ideas for his customers but lacks the skills needed, these brushes will help immensely.(Win/Mac ,ios and Android compatible)


My Story

As an artist

Since 2000 I have been designing unique exclusive jewelry using traditional brushes and papers, and since there is a huge amount of detail and accuracy involved in this kind of practice, I always wished if there is a way to expedite the process without sacrificing details and beauty of the finished design.
Hence I tried a lot of tricks and methods that worked in speeding up things, but not by much, until I switched from the traditional physical tools to the world of digital designing using my pen enabled Wacom tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook.
This was when things changed dramatically, especially when I started developing and using my own custom made jewelry brushes.
And so, the idea of JEWELRY BRUSHES FOR SKETCHBOOK was born.



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