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1-on-1 Sketchbook Jewelry Design Classes


  • 1 h
  • Online

Classes Breakdown Sample

1. Introduction . Sketchbook overview . Essential tools . Most useful tools for jewelry illustration and design in Sketchbook 2. My Settings . My default settings and tools palette . How to take accurate measurements . What resolution to use & the best setup for printing your designs . A rundown on all the brushes and discussing the purpose of some of the complicated ones. 3. Understanding Surfaces & Light . Flat surface shades and highlights . Domed surface shades and highlights . Concave surface shades and highlights . Shadows 4. Starting A New Design . Pen calibration . Sketching tools . Tracing tools (tracing exercise) . French curve, steady stroke, predictive stroke . Fastest way to fill in colors specially in detailed surfaces . Applying shades and highlights . Applying shadows 5. All About Stones . Major stones shapes and cuts and how to draw them 6. Dressing Up Your Design . Brush properties advanced breakdown . Know your brushes limits . What is lock transparency . Adding stones (multiple ways) . Adding prongs . Stones Setting edges . The fastest shadows technique ever . Blending modes . Top modes needed in jewelry design . Implement blending modes in almost every design for color correction or contrast enhancement. 7. Think In Advance Create Easy To Edit Designs . Why you should use layers .What are group layers and how to implement them in your work flow. . Edit your designs . How to effortlessly create multiple ideas from the same design super fast. . Image adjustments . How to use Color balance the most useful color editing tool . Grayscale you will definitely need it 8. Necklace Design . The symmetry tool . The very important Steady stroke tool . Predictive stroke, such an essential tool . The transform tool . Why do you need the sharpen tool . Working in layers . Applying shades . Adding depth and shadows . Add in some sparkle and glittering . Editing for multiple options & designs 9. Pendant Sample . The radial symmetry . Using chains . Edit stone shapes and sizes to fit your design need . Importing and editing objects . Applying learned techniques and tools for endless design variations 10. Ring Sample . Top view . Perspective tool . Applying center stones . How to Use backgrounds to help with Sideview illustration 11. Earrings Project . Applying everything we learned in one design

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